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One nice feature is that the custom error bar value selection controls are right on the same dialog as everything else.

To format error bars, you first select them, then bring up the dialog with a double click, a right click, the Ctrl 1 shortcut, or the Format menu.

Microsoft has made a number of changes to how you use error bars in Excel 2007.

X (if it’s an XY chart) and Y error bars are added to the chart series, with the Y error bars selected, and the Format Error Bars dialog is displayed with the Vertical Error Bars tab showing.

We are used to having not just a tab for the vertical error bars, but also one for the horizontal error bars. Click on the horizontal error bars in the chart, problem solved.

Unlike Excel 2003 and earlier, you cannot select both X and Y error bars in Excel 2007.

Despite all the assurances that context menus work the same in Excel 2007 as in earlier versions, you cannot add an item to an Excel 2007 chart-related context menu.

What I’ve done instead is to add an Error Bars item to the end of each of the three Chart Tools contextual ribbon tabs.

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You can change to the end-cap-less variation, then format the error bar line style so they end with an arrow head.