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You can also safeguard your account with a passcode, fingerprint, or Google PIN code One of the biggest opportunities for Tez is for local businesses.

'Small businesses can also use Tez to accept payments directly into their savings or individual current accounts,' Google said.

"We have developed the website blocker and internet filtering services, so one can surf safely without any fear of opening adult or objectionable sites," said Dr Vijay Nath Mishra of Institute of Medical Sciences- Banaras Hindu University's neurology department.

For further security, the app also features Tez Shield, which uses multiple signals to help detect spam, fraud, prevent hacking, and to verify and protect the identity of every user.

'To make digital payments truly work for India, we need a product that can compete with cash,' a blog post announcing the new app reads.'It needs to be simple, affordable, and work everywhere and for everyone.''So today we are introducing a new mobile app from Google, Tez - a simple and secure way to pay for things, big and small, online and offline, in India.'To make a payment with Audio QR, two users can bring their phones near each other, hit pay or request, and enter their UPI (Unified Payments Interface) PINs.

This is what Tez calls Cash Mode, which enables users to pay others without exchanging sensitive personal information.

Google has unveiled a new payment app that uses sound to transfer money, though it can't be heard by the human ear.

The new system - called Tez - uses a feature called 'Audio QR' that allows two users to pair their devices for a money transfer using a mic, speaker, and ultrasonic sounds.

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Recently, Whats App released new tools for businesses as well as a standalone app, Whats App for Business.

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