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Sex chat shuf

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IN the present state of society it appears neces|sary to go back to first principles in search of the most simple truths, and to dispute with some prevailing prejudice every inch of ground.

The desire of dazzling by riches, the most cer|tain pre-eminence that man can obtain, the plea|sure of commanding flattering sycophants, and many other complicated low calculations of do|ting self-love, have all contributed to overwhelm the mass of mankind, and make liberty a con|venient handle for mock patriotism.

For whilst rank and titles are held of the utmost import|ance, before which Genius "must hide its di|minished head," it is, with a few exceptions, very unfortunate for a nation when a man of abilities, without rank or property, pushes himself for|ward to notice.—Alas!

what unheard of misery have thousands suffered to purchase a cardinal's hat for an intriguing obscure adventurer, who longed to be ranked with princes, or lord it over them by seizing the triple crown!

Such, indeed, has been the wretchedness that has flowed from hereditary honours, riches, and monarchy, that men of lively sensibility have al|most uttered blasphemy in order to justify the dispensations of providence.

Men, in general, seem to employ their reason to justify prejudices, which they have imbibed, they cannot trace how, rather than to root them out.

To clear my way, I must be allowed to ask some plain questions, and the answers will probably appear as unequivocal as the axioms on which reasoning is built; though, when entangled with various motives of action, they are formally con|tradicted, either by the words or conduct of men. That man by struggling with them might attain a degree of knowledge denied to the brutes; whispers Experience.

In what does man's pre-eminence over the brute creation consist? Consequently the perfection of our nature and capability of happiness, must be estimated by the degree of reason, virtue, and knowledge, that distinguish the individual, and direct the laws which bind society: and that from the exercise of reason, knowledge and virtue naturally flow, is equally undeniable, if mankind be viewed col|lectively.

Reared on a false hypothesis his arguments in favour of a state of nature are plausible, but un|sound.

I say unsound; for to assert that a state of nature is preferable to civilization, in all its possible perfection, is, in other words, to arraign supreme wisdom; and the paradoxical exclama|tion, that God has made all things right, and that evil has been introduced by the creature, whom he formed, knowing what he formed, is as unphilosophical as impious.

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