Movies about multicultural dating Fat dating sex

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Check out the trailer Image: Imp Awards Kerry Washington and Patrick Wilson play a newlywed, interracial couple who move into a new neighbourhood.At first, all seems to be good and at peace until they meet their prejudiced neighbour, played by Samuel L Jackson.

Sex pheromones flow freely as Americans make interracial sexytime. Virginia Supreme Court decision struck down anti-miscegenation laws -- bans against domestic, marital or sexual intermingling between various ethnic groups -- the number of multicultural couples bouncing their mattresses to marital bliss has increased.Watch the trailer here Image: Scottholleran Another Whoopi flick from the ‘90s, this one sees her playing a black nanny who falls in love with her white boss in the late ‘50s.While it highlights the racial struggles of being in an interracial relationship (especially in a time when it was even less understood), it also shows the relationship between a little white girl and her black nanny, showcasing that racial prejudice is socially constructed instead of being intrinsically part of us.In celebration of our multi-ethnic president's parents, why not cozy up to your DVD player and watch one or more of the Top 10 Movies with Steamy Interracial Couples?Selected film trailers and other juicy nibbles are available online. Directed by Charles Shyer, 2004 Never before has a blonde British cad looked so sexy sprawled atop a pool table with a brown American woman.

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