Jennifer love hewitt dating history who is sarah larson dating

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Jennifer love hewitt dating history

Tessina says there's nothing wrong with Googling the guy you've just started dating to get the inside scoop.(Is he telling the truth about that hot multimedia company he founded?"Now it's not just 'I won't call.' It's 'I won't text, I won't check his Facebook status or send him a Facebook message, I won't check his Twitter feed.' It's too much.Seriously, technology has messed dating up royally." Perhaps the worst mistake women make, Hewitt says, is getting caught up in a fantasy. It's not as much fun and doesn't feel nearly as good, but fantasy isn't going to take you anyplace real." Tessina says Hewitt's advice is on the mark.

"I read The Rules and all those other dating books and loved them, and I took little bits from each," she says.

It's a pretend relationship unless there's real face-to-face stuff going on -- and not just booty calls!

" Another downside of the online age: It can make you paranoid.

You'd meet your perfect mate, fall in love, and that would be the end of it," she recalls. You have to go through the steps of grief, giving up the illusion that you'd fall off your high heel one day and a guy would pick you up, and that would be it. If you listen, instead of mentally dressing him up in the suit he's going to wear to your best friend's wedding, it'll save you months and years of time." And at first, while you're listening -- really listening -- do a little less of the talking, says Hewitt. Tessina, author of The Unofficial Guide to Dating Again and The 10 Smartest Decisions a Woman Can Make Before 40, says that, for some couples, the option to text, Facebook, and Skype each other has its advantages -- but you have to be a couple first.

"Now I think it's about finding the person you can put up with most. But then you learn to find your inner strength and confidence and to understand where your boundaries are. "You have to make deals with yourself: I'm not going to have this guy in my life if he isn't good for me. "You might think, 'I'm going to be brave and amazing and lay it all out there.' But don't do it! Answer questions and give a little bit of yourself, but not too much right off the bat." Speaking of giving too much information: Jennifer Love Hewitt may be a modern woman, but she's not a huge fan of what the latest technology is doing to romance. Instead of all the gadgetry, focus on the face-to-face relationship.

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" A couple of years ago, Hewitt famously clashed with bloggers after pictures of her wearing a bikini on vacation prompted them to denounce her as being "fat." "To all girls with butts, boobs, hips, and a waist, put on a bikini -- put it on and stay strong," she wrote at the time.