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Hispano dating com

In the 1840s the Mexican government established land grants in the area to encourage settlement.The United States acquired the area after the end of the Mexican-American War in 1848, and Hispano settlement began shortly thereafter.Today, examples of these santos can be seen in the A. In 1860 New Mexican Don Felipe Baca and a partner camped near the site of present-day Trinidad on their way to deliver corn to Denver.After stopping in the area again on the way back, Baca decided to make his home there.From 1821 to 1848 the area was part of Mexico, and a branch of the Santa Fé Trail ran along the Purgatoire to Ratón Pass.During that period the area was a hub of activity related to the Rocky Mountain fur trade.Nearby was the horno, a beehive-shaped oven used to bake bread, cook meat, and dry corn.

Trinidad’s Hispanos then took up arms against the town’s Anglo population.In 1862 twelve Hispano families came with him from northern New Mexico.In the company of a few Anglo settlers, the Hispano families built plazas surrounded by thick walls of adobe—sand mixed with straw and water and dried in the sun—as a defense against Ute Indians, who had lived in the valley for centuries and objected to Hispano encroachment.This belief led Anglos to view Mexicans and Hispanos as generally inferior and uncivilized, if agreeable, people.For instance, writing from Santa Fé in 1867, a reporter for asserted that Mexican “people as a mass are extremely ignorant, and ignore education,” and that they “should never have been citizens of the United States.” The Anglo observer William E.

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By 1866 Trinidad had its first general store, school, and Catholic church, all made possible by personal efforts and land donations from Baca.

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