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George michael dating anyone

Death’s ruthless scythe through pop culture this year appears not to be done yet.

Every anecdote he relays has so many wonderful, tantalizing strands unpeeling from it. When he was released from hospital in 2011, after treatment for life-threatening pneumonia, Michael gave another impromptu press conference. “I’m a new man.”In 2014 came what would be Michael’s sixth and final album, Symphonica, deriving from one of the tours he undertook in the last years of his life.

None of it was chocolate-box, and tied up with a bow.

Michael spoke about cruising for gay sex in public, and he spoke about being attracted to women still.

George Michael told the story more than once: the moment when he was 8, tripping over at school, sliding along the floor and banging his head against a radiator. ’s songs not only gave pleasure to so many, they stood for something: sexual pleasure, letting go, getting down, getting political, and also having ridiculous amounts of fun.

For the next few days it will be the songs that will be played and lovingly remembered—rightly so, because Michael’s and Wham!

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A group of ex-pat Brits, this reporter included, were listening to the song as part of a familiar medley in a New York apartment just as the news broke that Michael had died.