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Essex dating group

Around 917AD the inhabitants resisted an attack by a force of invading Danes, keeping the area safe from Viking invaders for a time, but that safety was not not last.

The (Second) Battle of Maldon Maldon is known to history for one major event, for it was here in about 991AD that a band of invading Danes landed on Northey Island, bent on plunder.

It may be a decade until the Lower Thames Crossing (LTC) comes to fruition but an ambitious bid to build a state-of-the-art tram system connecting north Kent and Essex remains on track.

The proposed £600 million Ken Ex Thames Transit aims to combat congestion and air pollution on both sides of the Thames and serve major developments like Ebbsfleet Garden City and The London Resort.

Very little of Maldon's economy was based on agriculture; rather fishing and transportation thrived, taking advantage of the Hythe's access to the river.

During the post medieval period much of Maldon's economy revolved around trade through the Hythe, particularly wool export.

The UK Data Archive offices are closed from 12.30 GMT Friday 22 December 2017 and will re-open on Tuesday 2 January 2018.Rather than simply plundering the area, the Danes and used their victory to launch a concerted program of settlement, seizing land and making the east of England a Viking kingdom.The burh established by Edward developed to become a full-fledged borough, or market town, a regional trading centre and a mint.“It would have to be competitive with driving a car because we are trying to get people out of their cars, so for example we would be looking at a £2 fare for travel within the Ebbsfleet Garden City area.” Transport campaigner James Willis is also involved with pitching the project to local authorities and gathered positive feedback during a public meeting at The Three Daws pub, Gravesend, earlier this year.He hopes the tram could serve the town and is keen for it to become a reality.

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Designer Gordon Pratt, an financial accountant, has in the past week been making what he hopes will prove to be some positive steps towards it becoming a reality. We have had meetings with local authorities on both sides of the river and a site visit to the Swanscombe Peninsula.

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