Dating sites for billionaires

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Dating sites for billionaires

“There are many luxury ryokans [traditional Japanese inns] nearby,” says Elizabeth Jao, a Japan specialist with Audley.

How does a game of polo, rafting down the River Indus, picnicking alongside llamas, or hiking India’s high Himalayas sound? So if you’re looking to really elevate your summer vacation, read on. We’re talking about castles tucked away in forests, seaside towns barely caressed by the hands of time, or jeep rides through exotic, predator-packed jungles.He adds: “Unlike the rest of India, it isn’t affected by the annual monsoon, and as the mountain passes are only open during the summer months, this is the best time to visit.” The Amalfi Coast—and trendy Positano with its seaside buildings built into a post card-worthy cliff—is all the glitz and glam it appears. Stay at Casa Angelina, a white-washed hotel tucked into the coastal cliffs.It has its own private beach (and a boat for charter, to boot) and a location that provides easy access to scenic hikes like the Path of the Gods. The property runs a complimentary 15-minute shuttle into town.

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Who knows, maybe while you’re there, you’ll pick up the secrets of the healthiest people on earth.