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Dating friends 4 u

, when Billy Crystal’s character explains the age old riddle of male and female friendships.“Men and women can never be friends,” he tells Meg Ryan, “because the sex part always gets in the way.” And he’s right, sort of.In fact, some of the best relationships often start out as friendships.Think of Sheryl Sandberg, who was friends with her late husband Dave for six years before they became romantically involved.A further study carried out by the same professors asked 167 couples how long they’d known one another before becoming romantically involved and whether they were friends first.They found that, on average, the couples had known each other four months before dating. You never feel more comfortable than when you’re with your friends, right?

You’ve likely been ignoring the signs that you should just be friends with the person you’re dating.

Then there’s Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher, who met on the set of That 70s Show and started dating 14 years later.

So, why is it that platonic familiarity so frequently leads to romance?

“Sooner or later one person will want more, either from that relationship or from some other relationship”, says Jones.

Preece agrees, “Sex without love is still a hugely intimate thing, which requires lots of trust.

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