Dating a pianist Black male cam

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Dating a pianist

We've been stereotyped as studious, bespectacled creatures who are socially awkward, unaware of the world around us, and perpetually hunched over words on a page.Sure, we are known to have broken hearts when we end a relationship with a book and its characters.And you can count on your book-obsessed friends to happily drive a few hours to a reading and wait in a long line with you just so that you can meet your favorite author and have them sign your copy of their tome.But those who are lucky enough to date a bookworm get a special set of perks (okay, and maybe a few challenges — but the good stuff outweighs 'em, trust me).Don’t worry, though — we’ll come shopping with you.The first thing you'll notice when you spend the night at our place is the large stack of books near our beds that we've been meaning to read but haven't quite gotten around to yet.We've read so many different genres and authors that we rarely run out of things to say.

And you can be sure that we'll let you borrow any book you want from our libraries — just as long as you tell us what you thought about it afterward.We followed Harry as he battled basilisks and navigated puberty.We've read novels that are literally half a million words long.We've brought characters to life in our minds as we followed them on their adventures, and have travelled to the ends of the earth without moving an inch.So if you need help planning your trip to Europe this summer, or are having trouble communicating with a coworker, or just can't figure out where to put the couch in your new apartment, you can always come to us to get your creative juices flowing.

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Meet us for happy hour, and we'll tell you all about the drinking habits of Hemingway and Faulkner.

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