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Talking to a guy might be trickier than you would think.

You may feel a tad awkward (and most probably it is somewhat awkward for him as well).

If you don’t want to seem so formal, some other good topics include sports, music, movies, TV shows, and what he likes to do in his free time.

All this will give you some insight into their lives and you will be able to ask other, more relevant questions.

All men like women who smile a lot, so ensure he knows what a wonderful smile you have.

If he has good communication skills, he will ask you questions as well.

If you want to talk to a boy, you should know that the best strategy is to laugh a lot.

It is just natural for you to want him to like you.

This is why when you chat with boys, you might be tempted to tell little white lies, so that you will seem more suitable for him.


This means that you should take a pause every now and then and let him participate in the conversation.

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