Best online dating approach

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Here are some tried-and-true, common sense ways to approach a girl based on my thousands of interviews with them.In Person | Online It takes a lot of courage to approach a woman you don’t know in the middle of a gym, grocery store, bar, or wherever it is.To me, it’s much smarter to go to a place filled with women who want to meet a guy!

You see, dovetailing on tip number one, I like to increase my odds.

What many guys don’t understand is they have to pass the physical attraction test first, and if they don’t, they’re out.

If she likes guys with jet black hair, then the Swedish volleyball player is out (you know, tall, muscular, blonde).

At a wedding, seminar, cooking class, or whatever, there are people who probably know you and her or at least there is some common ground.

At a nightclub, when you wander up to a woman cold, and she’s on her guard anyway, you have fewer odds of success.

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