Aspxgridview rowupdating combobox

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Aspxgridview rowupdating combobox

Essentially when the user clicks the edit button, a combobox should be displayed as part of the edit controls, and the combobox should be populated with all possible states in the codebehind and the selected value should be the initial value on the grid. But I couldn't see any sample code for how to do it in the devexpress gridview.Thanks Just do what Guruparan said, but thats the case when you have a datasource, if you need to get the data, from, lets say, an enumeration, well, you'll need to get the reference control within the Edit Template Use Grid View Data Combo Box Column.Net Framework 2.0, decidí utilizar la nueva clase Sql Data Source, espero que les sirva de algo.Descargar Ejemplo: Ejemplo Actualización Grid View Favor de darle clic derecho y guardar destino como…, una vez descargado cambiar la extensión a .zip, y descomprimirlo (todo esto porque no me dejan subir archivos zip).

The ASPx Grid View control supports the caching mechanism (it is enabled by default).The XPOData Source and everything needed to run it comes with the ASPx Grid View & Editors Library, so if you have the ASPx Grid View component, then you have e Xpress Persistent Objects (XPO) and the XPOData Source.You can use the Devexpress Data Controller to make the ASPx Grid View extremely fast and responsive with massive datasets.Whether sorting, grouping or filtering, it will optimize queries to quickly pull only the necessary data.It also does intelligent caching so it doesn’t have to run the same query if it was recently run.

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