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When setting up Exchange Active Sync email, you may be required to enter an Exchange Domain, and this can be something else entirely!So what should If blank doesn’t work and IT can’t help, you might be stuck.Before i Phone OS 3.1, all i Phones incorrectly told the Exchange server that they supported on-device encryption.This allowed all i Phone hardware to function with Exchange 2007 SP1 servers that required device encryption.Are you surprised to learn that my battery was green all the next day?In fact, it barely used any power at all, even with 30-minute IMAP updates from Google Mail still running.You can try different combinations, but trial and error doesn’t always work!Let me start by saying that, so far, the push email experience with Exchange Active Sync to the i Phone has been flawless for me.

But i Phone OS 3.1 support device encryption, so some Exchange 2007 SP1 servers refuse to allow them to connect.Some people like this, some people don't, you can turn it on or off here.The most common reason that an otherwise properly-configured i Phone cannot send or receive email is the use of an incorrect Domain string.If Autodiscovery fails, you have to manually enter the address.Most Exchange implementations have a variety of different servers these days, each with a unique hostname and IP address: One more thing: You might get lucky and find that one of those other server names works for the i Phone’s Active Sync.

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This does not mean you’re using DAV or OWA on the i Phone – instead it means that they set up two services on the same hostname. It sure can be confusing when two different things have the exact same name.

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